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The mission of the Maternity Acupuncture Association (MAA) is to promote a high-quality standard of care in the field of Fertility, Pregnancy and Perinatal Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine.  We educate the public and allied birth professionals about the efficacy of Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine during conception, pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase.  We work to advance the individual practitioner and the profession as a whole through grassroots community building, collaboration and education.

The Maternity Acupuncture Association (MAA) was formed in 2012 by a group of Acupuncturists in Seattle who are passionate about the benefits of Acupuncture for women in the perinatal period. We came together with a vision to serve both the practitioner and the patient locally, regionally, and nationally with an eye towards global collaboration with other similar organizations. 

We serve the practitioner by providing resources, educational opportunities, and a community forum to learn and grow professionally. We also support the practitioner by providing a national directory to list their services and to find other qualified perinatal specialists. 

We serve the patient by providing education about the benefits of Acupuncture in the perinatal period including published research as well as our own anecdotal evidence of efficacy. Our provider directory helps patients find an appropriate practitioner who meets the minimum requirements for safety and effective treatment of pregnant women. 

We serve the community of Allied Birth Professionals by providing them with the education they need on the benefits of Acupuncture for fertility, pregnancy, labor and postpartum conditions so that they can make the best use of these benefits for their own clients. We also serve the community of Allied Birth Professionals by providing community and collaboration opportunities to enhance the overall care of women during these times.

The MAA is made up of people who are: visionaries, healers, teachers, learners, advocates, mothers, listeners, practitioners, leaders, mavericks, and creators of a better future. 

We are engaged and committed to providing education and access to high-quality healthcare to ease your way to better health and happiness.

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  • 10/03/2018 3:04 PM | Patrice Hapke (Administrator)

    Please visit the Forum for information and discussion on treatments.

  • 05/14/2018 2:53 PM | Patrice Hapke (Administrator)

    Welcome to MAA and here is a taste of what you will find on the Forum:

    Any conversation thread can be started by simply asking a question or communicating anything you would like to share.  In addition there will be:

    • Topic of the Week  that will feature different treatment strategies for various issues as in:
      • Treating the Lower Burner during Pregnancy: Beating the Beastie Yeasties, BV and UTIs safely and effectively during different stages of pregnancy.
      • Labor Preparation and Induction: How, when and when not and why and why not.
      • Recurrent Miscarriages: strategies to prevent pregnancy loss
      • Nausea in Pregnancy: Hold on to your cookies!!
      • Cholestasis, PIH, GD and more!!

    We will also have guest Moderators scheduled who will be available to answer your questions in a round table discussion!!  Check us out!

  • 04/28/2018 3:35 PM | Patrice Hapke (Administrator)

    We are excited, after several years of laying the groundwork , to finally launch this organization, carrying the dream we have of creating community and educational opportunities for Acupuncturists who are passionate about the Child Bearing Years into reality.  Every day in our practice we are reminded why we need this organization, because we know how beneficial Acupuncture is for women trying to conceive, during pregnancy, birth and beyond, and there is A LOT of education that needs to happen to elevate the awareness of this in the general public and the medical community, as well as elevating the quality of care, from both a western and TCM perspective, for Acupuncture providers.

     We are here for you, and TOGETHER we create this community of people who care about the experiences women and their families have during these vital fertile years.  

    We look forward to seeing you and hearing from you in our online community!

    As we are a new organization, please be patient with us these first few months as we get up on our feet and running.  We are happy to serve you and welcome constructive feedback.

    Thank you!

    Patrice Hapke, Founder and Co-President of MAA.

  • 04/24/2018 5:14 PM | Roxane Geller (Administrator)

    We are very excited to be finally launching this organization.  

    We are a group of women who are passionate about strengthening our knowledge and practice of maternity care in Chinese medicine, collaborate with other providers, build relationships and learn from allied health professionals, share questions, ideas, hits and misses, and help our field grow. We are a nurturing and supportive group who value learning, communication, community, mutual support, joy and laughter.

    If you wish to learn more and share what you know, or just want to be listed on our provider directory, either as a Chinese medicine provider or allied professional, join our group! We have many options to choose from including Students, Providers, and Allied Health Professionals. 

    We want to hear from you. Email us your suggestions. What else would you like to see happening? 

    We will grow together. We look forward to our first year with you all.  


    Co-Founder, Co-President, MAA 

  • 08/17/2017 1:58 PM | Asiya Shoot (Administrator)

    The MAA is up and running! Here is what we hope to accomplish next: 

    • Establish the organization as a non-profit.
    • Expand public awareness of the benefits and uses of perinatal Acupuncture and East Asian medicine.
    • Create more opportunities for perinatal continuing education.
    • Build more connections with likeminded organizations, providers, institutes, and businesses that support pregnant and perinatal populations.
    • Bring more awareness to the benefits of a healthy preconception period for families who wish to conceive. 

Help us in our mission